TripAdvisor for Businesses

TripAdvisor for Businesses

TripAdvisor remains the most visited online tourism community with more than one million unique visitors every day. It is likely your business has received a review, so it is important to monitor feedback about your business on the site and embrace this user-generated content to turn it to your advantage

We have created a number of helpful tips designed to assist businesses understanding of this growing online review forum.

Set up and claim your listing

This simple process takes 5 minutes and its free!

1. Go to the business page of TripAdvisor

2. Select your category from the following: Hotel/Accommodation; Vacation Rental; Restaurant or Attraction

3. Enter your tourism business on the site and follow the prompts to add your business as a free listing.

Or to go to the Get Listed page

Optimise your listing to get reviews

Add features to your free listing to entice visitors to review your site. Include photos, video and a clear description of the product or service. You can also add a Facebook ‘ like’ button to your TripAdvisor page and widgets to add to your website.

For more ideas on how you can enhance your TripAdvisor listing go to the business page
Respond to reviews

Monitoring feedback and responding to user reviews, whether positive or negative, is crucial as it demonstrates to customers that management values their customer opinions.

Here are some tips from Tourism Victoria for responding to feedback:

• Be nice. You aren’t going to win an argument with a frustrated customer. Even customers who initially had a bad experience might come back.
• Be polite and professional. You’re responding to one person, but the response is public. Keep your responses useful, readable, and courteous.
• Don’t get personal. Remember that you’re replying to feedback about an experience, not about you as a person.
• Feedback is helpful. Both positive and negative feedback can be good for your business and help it grow (even though it’s sometimes hard to hear).
• Keep it short and sweet. Users are looking for genuine responses, but not necessarily novels. Don’t say in 20 words what you can say in ten.
• Be thankful. A customer who has written a review has taken the time to invest in the success of your business.
• Respond to happy reviewers. When you have new or relevant information to share. You don’t need to thank every reviewer publicly. One response reaches to lots of customers, not just one.
• Be a friend, not a salesperson. Your reviewers are already customers, so there’s no need to offer incentives or advertisements. Tell reviewers something new about your business. Share a tip or something they might not know from their first visit.
• Check the review is legitimate. If you have a feeling that the review is suspicious, contact Tripadvisor.

Assess your progress

1. Your number of reviews and their breakdown (positive vs. negative)

2. Your TripAdvisor ranking

3. In your TripAdvisor account you are able to track your property’s performance against your local competitors. This is located under the Manage your review’s section.

For more helpful tips click here and visit the TripAdvisor for business page