Regional Events and Innovation Fund Guidelines (REIF)

The Victorian Government’s new Regional Events and Innovation Fund (REIF) has been announced. The new REIF has been designed to provide funding for activities that support innovation in securing, hosting and marketing new events, and implementing innovative projects to increase regional event visitation.

To be considered for support, those that can apply are Regional Tourism Boards or recognised Victorian tourism organisations. For more information on the REIF and a copy of the funding guidelines please visit our REIF page

The REIF will help deliver on the objectives of the Victorian Visitor Economy Strategy (2016 – 2020) and deliver on the outcomes of the Victorian Visitor Economy Strategy Action Plan 2016 – 2020 which sets out the following priorities:
More Private Sector Investment
– Build on the potential of regional and rural Victoria
– Maximise the benefit of events
– Improved experiences for visitors from Asia
– Better tourism infrastructure
– More effective coordination across the regions; and
– The need for the regional tourism sector to be provided with additional assistance to build more capacity.

Application Process
From 21 May 2018, the process for applying for funding under the Regional Events and Innovation Fund is as follows:
Step 1 Stakeholder consultation
Applicants contact their RTB or Visit Victoria to determine how their event aligns with the Victorian Visitor Economy Strategy (2016 – 2020). Victorian tourism organisations are required to provide a letter of support from their RTB.
Step 2 Submit and Expression of Interest (EOI) Online
– Applicants submit an online EOI in SmartyGrants using the link available at Note that applications can remain in SmartyGrants as a draft as applicants collate the required information. – An initial assessment will be undertaken against program eligibility. – Visit Victoria will provide initial feedback on the EOI to the applicant within 5 business days of the EOI being submitted. – After considering feedback, the applicant may decide to apply for funding.
Step 3 Apply online 
– Applicants will be provided with a link to the online REIF Application Form; – Applicants will be required to complete the REIF Application online and submit. – Applications will be considered by a steering committee comprising Visit Victoria, Victorian government and industry representatives. – Visit Victoria will make a funding recommendation to the Minister for Tourism and Major Events. – Applicants will receive confirmation of the outcome of their application.
At EOI stage, Visit Victoria will formally refer any applicants that are determined to be more suitable for consideration for funding through another program.
Funding process
Applications for the REIF will open on the 21 May 2018. Applications must be received for events to be delivered between September 2018 and 30 June 2019.
Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications at the earliest possible opportunity and take into consideration the following timelines:
Key Dates:  REIF

Opens  21 May, 2018
VV regional information sessions 30 May – 30 June 2018
EOI’s Close  16 July 2018 Applications Close 31 July, 2018
Will be announced between:  3 – 28 September
Projects commenced and delivered Sept 2018 – June 2019
Post delivery evaluation from 30 June 2019

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