Pennicott Wilderness Journeys

Pennicott Wilderness Journeys

Wilsons PromParks Victoria is seeking wider community and visitor views on the Pennicott Wildnerness Journey (PWJ)  proposal for Wilsons Promontory Cruises.

On 8 December 2016, PWJ submitted a proposal to Parks Victoria to operate boat tours from Norman Bay, Tidal River at Wilsons Promontory National Park. PWJ propose to conduct 2 ½ hour eco cruises using three 32-seat bespoke boats.

In February 2016 Pennicott Wilderness Journeys (PWJ) was awarded a TDDI grant for $650,000 to develop a $3.5m world class wilderness cruise experience within the waters of the Wilsons Promontory Marine National Park.

Destination Gippsland as the peak tourism body for the Gippsland region is very supportive of the project and has provided a letter of support after the proposal was subjected to an extensive and rigorous planning application.

Destination Gippsland believes the Pennicott Wilderness Journeys proposal is an outstanding opportunity for South Gippsland to attract a world class ecotour operator to the region. This will improve the visitor experience and standard for all visitors to the National Park.

The proposed tour to the islands off the Prom will provide everyone an opportunity to experience incredible rock formations and wildlife viewing that currently is inaccessible for the majority of the community. This opens up and showcases a jewel in Victoria’s coast that will strengthen the community’s interest and engagement with our National and Marine Parks system.

Destination Gippsland considers this type of development will make a significant contribution to the Gippsland Visitor Economy and we invite you to support this proposal.

Parks Victoria is seeking community views here.

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