Marketing goals for Destination Gippsland

Destination Gippsland’s marketing objectives are:
1) Continue to build brand awareness of Gippsland
2) Provide the Gippsland tourism industry with relevant and high quality research to guide marketing decisions
3) Increase market share by focussing on seven product segments
4) Promote Gippsland’s marketing focus by developing complimentary tourism experiences
5) Promote the benefits of cooperative regional approach
6) Reduce the impacts of future crisis


Campaigns – Destination Gippsland produces a number of marketing campaigns throughout the year.

Trade Marketing – Destination Gippsland actively promotes the region to the trade via two areas of focus – international and business events.

DIY marketing tools – There are a range of DIY marketing tools, insights, imagery, video and more to use for your own marketing.

Marketing partner opportunities with Destination Gippsland

Gippsland campaign set to launch

Following on from the recent launch for the new-look Gippsland brand,  the new Gippsland campaign will officially launch in Melbourne on April 8, with large-scale billboard placements, and an integrated media schedule that includes print, digital and social media.   For more information on campaign activity and how to get involved please click on the button.

Download Campaign information here.
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