Destination Gippsland support businesses that have embraced accessibility for our visitors. Find out more about becoming accessible by contacting your local council’s rural access worker.
Accessible Gippsland Plan
Gippsland recognises the importance and benefits of building the region as an accessible tourism destination. The Gippsland Accessible Tourism Plan is a collaborative approach between Destination Gippsland, all six Local Governments in Gippsland, Tourism Victoria and relevant partners to ensure Gippsland’s diverse tourism product can be enjoyed by all.  We have recently completed a review of our plan for 2016 -2019.  Gippsland Tourism Accessible Plan
Accessible Case Study – Maru Koala and Animal Park

We partnered with Tourism Victoria to create a video case study highlighting MARU Koala and Animal Park, an award winning accessible tourism business to educate the tourism industry that Good Access is Good Business.

Accessible Gippsland brochure
Gippsland boasts a diverse range of accessible visitor experiences that are welcoming and inclusive of people of all ages and abilities, people with a disability, seniors and parents with young children.  To celebrate this we have created a brochure called Accessible Gippsland – Inspiring visitor experiences.  It can be viewed online as an e-brochure or downloaded as a PDF.  It is also in print form and can be found in all accredited Gippsland Visitor Information Centres.
Accessible Gippsland1
Accessible Gippsland resource kit available for all tourism businesses

Making changes to the way you do business can provide more visitors with the same opportunity to find out about, visit, use or participate in Gippsland tourism. One in five people has a disability and 8 billion dollars per year is spent on Australian tourism by travellers with a disability. But the market for accessible tourism is much broader than people with a disability.

An Accessible tourism resource kit is available to all tourism businesses to help them make important changes to become accessible. Download it here.