Grants – the latest news & tips

Grants – the latest news & tips

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Visit Victoria has announced new guidelines for the Regional events fund.

To access the information please follow the link.

For other grant opportunities please log onto our grants page.

Vic Arts Grants have also been released for August 2016

Here are some tips in assisting you to make a grant application.

  1. Do your research – Is our organisation eligible?  Do we meet the guidelines?  What type of projects have been funded through this grant previously?  Do we need support from another organisation?  Do we need to provide matching funds?
  2. Be Succinct – Answer the questions that are asked and provide supporting documentation as required. Ask someone outside your organisation to check the content and information.
  3. Provide a budget – Ensure your project is costed to provide the necessary information for assessment. Don’t make assumptions.
  4. Timelines – Give yourself time to complete the application and ensure you line up all supporting documentation well before the closing date.
  5. Look for other opportunities – Grant applications are a competitive process – apply for a range of grants to give your organisation the best chance.
  6. Contact – If you are unsure of the application requirements, contact the grant provider or check their FAQ’s.
  7. Acquittal – If you are successful in receiving a grant then ensure that you meet the requirements for reporting on the expenditure to honour your commitments.
  8. Celebrate your success – Successful grant applications should be celebrated, let you local and wider community know of your success through the media and online.



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