Gippsland Tourism Business Feature – Country House Retreat

Gippsland Tourism Business Feature – Country House Retreat

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Meet Kim Kleinitz from the beautiful Jetty Road Retreat at Nungurner and the newly established Country House Retreat.

Kim has been running a multi Victorian Award Winning business for the past 5 years and has some great tips to share with you.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes.  It’s hard to objective about your own product, so if you’re lucky enough to be planning, researching or booking your own holiday or experience online, take note of what draws you in, or turns you off certain websites or digital media.  Then go back and scrutinise your own website through your customer lens!

Strive for continuous improvement.  Running a small business is a constant juggling act where you’re wearing so many hats.  Seek opportunities to build your competency in key areas like marketing and finance management if that’s not your strong suit.  A mentor can be great for this (shout out to Trent!) Stand out from the crowd.  It’s important to capture people’s attention if you want to be remembered.  Be clear on your uniqueness. Own it, be creative and have fun, just don’t forget to weave it through all your marketing activities!

Spend some quality time with your customers.  This not only shows you care and are personally invested, it provides so many clues and tactics on how to attract more of your target markets.  And guests love to know they’re helping you.

Be an ambassador for your region.  We’re in the business of creating memorable experiences, so it’s important to know what’s on offer in your region and share this with your customers to ensure they can experience the hidden gems.  We’ve also found that working with other tourism operators helps us reach a wider audience and offer unique experiences.  It’s also a huge buzz when you meet someone with shared values and passion for what they’re doing (or maybe that’s just one too many coffees?).

Share the love.  Encourage customers who love your product to share their experience on TripAdvisor, social media, etc.  They’re the best free marketing tools around, trusted by consumers and widely utilised.

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