Australian Cycling Holidays

Australian Cycling Holidays

ACHLogo RoundA cycling holiday is the perfect way to see Australia. Choose a self-guided, fully supported cycle tour or plan your own cycle tour with our Cyclewayz app cycling travel guide.

Our self-guided, fully supported tours travel by bike through outstanding countryside, forests, beaches and towns in Gippsland and Southern NSW. Start when you want and ride at your pace. Find native animals, fresh food and friendly locals. We supply the cycling equipment, book your accommodation i/c breakfast, transfer your luggage and are on hand for roadside support. All you have to do is pedal.

Our Cyclewayz app travel guide, with inbuilt navigation, gives you all the information you need to tour cycle in Australia on your own. All ride routes are carefully selected to be away from the traffic with fantastic scenery. Choose your type of ride – flat/hilly, hard/easy, long/short, remote/lots of cafes!

Top 5 Business Tips
• I once heard a saying “Don’t start a business, start a religion”. In modern parlance ‘Feel passionate about what you do’. Collaborate with others who share your passion as togethe

r you will build a market and can all share in the growth. See companies who may be in a similar business as potential partners – not competitors.
• Keep the core value you bring to your business front and centre. This is what you are best at, what will keep you motivated and what will draw customers to you. As you grow, trust your employees to support your business doing what they do best.
• Learn something new every day.  Embrace the new with a realistic evaluation of how it might work for you. This especially applies to the digital world.
• Budget expenses/income and watch costs. It’s easy to spend money and much harder to earn it. Where you can, share resources with other businesses such as office/warehouse space, website development, marketing activities etc to reduce operating and capital costs.
• Expect long hours but don’t expect big, quick rewards – if you are gaining traction at 18 months and hitting goals by 3 years you are doing okay. Get acquainted with the supermarket clearance trolleys!

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